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Finding a nail polish that provides a lasting, pretty manicure can be a challenge — especially for those with thin, brittle, or weak nails. I personally had never been able to find a nail polish (aside from gel) that didn’t chip within the first 48 hours. That is, until I found this Essie nail polish.

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The nails

I’m really rough on my nails. I do the dishes every day, I often clean without gloves on, I bathe my kid, etc. My nails are also really thin so they bend, peel, and break easily. It’s no wonder I’ve never had a non-gel manicure that didn’t chip within the first two days.

I’ve tried all kinds of nail polishes, both salon and drugstore brands. At one point, I had over 75 nail polishes in my arsenal.

Even with the help of various base coats, top coats, and cuticle oils, my nails would chip after only a day or two.   

A love/hate with gel nail polish

I had managed to stay off the gel bandwagon for a while — at least at the nail salons.

They were always a little more than I wanted to spend and the idea of returning to the salon and paying to have it taken off was unappealing to me. Don’t get me wrong, gel nail polish is super popular and provides a long-lasting manicure but it was just never something I was interested in.

Then one day I discovered Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish and decided to give it a try. It lasted three or four days before chipping and I was able to remove it at home. It became my nail polish staple for years, however, I started noticing my nails peeling more and more the longer I used it. Unfortunately, I didn’t give it much thought and just continued to keep my nails painted 24/7 so I didn’t have to see it.

Finally, it got to the point where my nails were incredibly damaged. Like, layers of my nail would just peel off in sheets. Needless to say, I had to stop.

The Miracle Gel is probably great for special events, vacations, or periodic use with breaks in between but I like to have my nails painted 24/7. Sorry, not sorry.

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Essie Nail Polish For The Win

Finally, in my search for a long-lasting and nail-friendly nail polish, I stumbled upon this line of Essie nail polish called treat, love, & color.

It’s designed to treat and strengthen weak and damaged nails and provide a long-lasting manicure. At less than $8 a bottle, I had to give it a try.

It’s amazing.

Essie nail polish in Soul Happy
Essie treat, love, & color nail polish in Soul Happy

The first time I tried it, my polish lasted five days before the first chip. It was such a tiny chip that I was able to wear it for two or three more days before taking it off. Over a week of wear from a non-gel nail polish?! It seemed too good to be true.

So, I tried it again. Same thing!

At this point, I needed to try another color and see if the same durable formula was consistent throughout the line. It was.

It lasted through dishes, meal prep, hand washing, bathing, cleaning, everything.

In addition to the long-lasting wear, my nails were finally starting to heal and become strong enough to resist rips and breakage. I was growing long, strong nails for the first time in my life.

Now, I’m literally cutting my nails shorter to be able to type on my computer. I’m not kidding!

By the way, this is the manicure kit I have and I love it:

The Review

  • The consistency of this polish is perfect. It’s pretty thin (similar to Olive and June if you’ve ever tried it) and it’s self-leveling so you don’t have any annoying streaks.
  • This particular line of Essie nail polish comes in a variety of nude, pink, and purple colors that range in opacity from totally opaque to translucent. I have one of each and the consistency is about the same.
  • You don’t need a base or top coat. Will a top coat extend the life of the manicure? Maybe, but it’s not necessary.
  • The colors I’ve tried both have an awesome shine to them when dry. Sometimes I’ll add my favorite glass shine top coat for a super-shiny look but I’ve worn it without and its maintained a suitable shine level for the life of the manicure.
  • I don’t know if it’s all Essie nail polish or just this line but these polishes dry pretty fast. I can usually paint my nails, wait ten minutes, and then continue with light activities without ruining my manicure. Don’t do anything crazy for a good 30-60 minutes after painting, but light activities should be fine.

Here are some of my favorite colors available on Amazon but be sure to check out all of the ones they have available.

Essie treat, love, & color nail polish in A-Game
Essie treat, love, & color nail polish in Crunch Time
Essie treat, love, & color nail polish in Tone It Up

It’s seriously worth a try.

Have an absolute favorite nail polish you’d like to share? Comment below!

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