Closet Makeover
Closet Makeover!

One of the most satisfying organization projects to complete is a closet overhaul. We all know that closets have a tendency to get a little cluttered and disorganized. However, sometimes we don’t realize how stressful it is to open your closet door and have to fight to get what you need! A well-organized closet can make such a huge difference on how you start your day. In this post, you’ll learn how to turn your closet into an organized oasis and give yourself a clean, fresh start each morning!

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A little bit of background:

We bought our house, sight-unseen, in 2020. The house looked gorgeous, our realtor gave us a virtual tour, and the inspection came back clean. However, there were some issues that we wouldn’t find until several weeks after getting the keys. One of the minor issues was the master closet. There hadn’t been any photos of it in the home listing and somehow, we completely missed it in our virtual tour. When we had our first in-person exploration of the house, the closet was empty and looked fine. It was a long, narrow walk-in closet and there seemed to be ample shelving and hanging space. When we began putting items in the closet, however, we realized how cramped it actually was. It’s crazy how much a closet can shrink once you begin putting things in it!

Unorganized walk-in closet
Our embarrassingly unorganized closet and super cute kid

With clothes hanging on both sides, we literally had to walk sideways to get in. There was probably 12 inches of space to squeeze through and we were elbowing and running into everything while trying to pick an outfit. It was so stressful, unorganized, and the claustrophobia was REAL!

After a few months of stressful mornings, we knew something had to be done. I wanted our closet to be a zen space so I began researching how to turn your closet into an organized oasis. I looked at a ton of various walk-in closet layouts, ideas, and design options. We could have spent thousands of dollars to have a closet organization company design a closet system for us but I’m a frugal DIYer! I wanted to tackle this project myself!

Organized Oasis Closet Step #1: Brainstorm the most efficient ways to utilize the space in your closet.

Without busting down walls to make the space wider, we simply couldn’t have hanging clothes on both sides of the closet. It just didn’t leave us enough space to walk through. I also didn’t want to sacrifice any clothes hanging space. So, I decided to have two hanging bars on the same side of the closet, one on top of the other. This would give us the same amount of hanging space but take up half as much walkable space!

Organized Oasis Closet Step #2: Pick a closet organization system

The closet rods and shelving were, without question, original to the house. Those things were 36 years old and definitely not taken care of. There was no salvaging them. So, I began researching self-installed closet systems. The prices ranged from $50 to $450 and depending on the material, size, quality, and appearance. After a ton of research, I decided on this awesome closet kit from Rubbermaid! I chose the “FastTrack” kit because it allows for 12 feet of hanging space, extends up to 10 feet wide, has 26 feet of shelving space, and is very reasonably priced. There’s also an option to purchase individual add-on items to create the exact storage solutions you need. We purchased the kit and one additional rod.

Rubbermaid FastTrack Closet Kit
Rubbermaid FastTrack Kit

If you don’t quite need a 6-10 foot system, you might also be interested in Rubbermaid’s Configurations Deluxe Closet kit which is almost identical to the Fast Track Kit but has a length of 4-8 feet and has just a few less feet of shelving space.

Organized Oasis Closet Step #3: Remove everything from the closet (including the old closet system) and complete desired updates to the walls, floors, or lighting.

Before installing the new closet organization system, we needed to create a clean slate. We ripped out the old shelving supports and found that the people who installed the previous closet system had no shame when it came to drilling holes in the walls! It was clear we had some work to do! I used this DAP Drydex Spackling and it was super easy to apply. When the paste turned from pink to white, it was dry. I then used some medium grit sandpaper to create a smooth, flush surface.

Closet wall full of holes
What were they trying to do?!?

The old color of the closet was a 1980’s yellow that HAD TO GO. I lightened up the space with a coat of the ever-popular creamy white “Swiss Coffee” paint by Benjamin Moore. This is also the color I chose for our Master Bedroom and I couldn’t be happier! It’s a warm, inviting white that never feels cold or sterile and doesn’t look yellow at all.

Organized Oasis Closet Step #4: Install your new closet system!

When the paint was dry, it was time to begin installing our closet system! I really wanted a simple design with space for folded items as well as long hanging items like coats and dresses. The kit we selected allows you to customize where everything is so it was fun to cater it to our wants and needs. This is the design we decided on:

Closet System Configuration
FastTrack Closet Configuration

In terms of installation difficulty, installing these closet systems is definitely a two-person job. There are a few larger pieces that require an extra set of hands while screwing them into the wall. It’s also nice to have someone available to hand you the hardware and tools you need while holding the pieces in place. All-in-all, the installation took my husband and I about three hours but we also had a 2-year-old running around!

Closet System Installation
Handsome Guy Installing a Closet System 😉

As long as the mounting hardware and rails are screwed into a stud or installed with an anchor, it can hold a lot of clothes! That’s a necessity because my husband has a ton of heavy sweatshirts! If you need a drill kit, this is the one we use (available on Amazon) and I highly recommend it.

Organized Oasis Closet Step #5: Get some pretty storage bins or baskets!

Another thing I love about this closet organization system is that the top shelving allows for nicely organized storage in pretty bins or decorative baskets. I opted for white linen lined twine baskets from Target but, you guys, look at these ones from Amazon:

They come in a bunch of different colors. I might need to upgrade ?

When deciding what to store in your baskets, try to keep it to things you don’t use every day. For example, mine is filled with my collection of pretty scarfs, nail polish, and small handbags. My husband keeps older t-shirts, thermal socks, and some military garb in his.

Organized Oasis Closet Step #6: Add some decor!

After selecting your closet baskets, it’s time to add some decor! Your closet decor will obviously depend on your own individual style and taste but the sky is the limit here! This is a space that only you and a few privileged will get to see so feel free to do whatever you want! I went with some pretty pink and rose gold pieces for a super feminine vibe.

Closet Wall Decor
Pretty Closet Wall Decor

Organized Oasis Closet Step #7: The last step is to add everything back into your closet AFTER you’ve done some major purging!

If you haven’t worn something in a year, it probably needs to go somewhere else. I’m not telling you to get rid of it but maybe it needs to go in a storage container in the garage or attic. If you haven’t worn something in 2 or more years, and it’s not a special occasion item, it might be time to donate it.

Once you’ve done that, your closet makeover is complete! I couldn’t have been happier with ours. Our new closet feels so clean, organized, and fresh. It just makes me want to grab a cozy blanket, a snack, and a book to spend all afternoon curled up in my little sanctuary!

Now that you know how to turn your closet into an organized oasis, what are you waiting for?! Once you do, share some deets in the comments below and don’t forget to share/pin this post for others to enjoy!

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