Painted Bud Vase

We all love the dollar-spot section of Target. They’ve got to have the best merchandise buyers on the planet because it’s impossible to go there without purchasing SOMETHING! On my most recent Target shopping trip, I found a set of 3 glass bud vases for just $3.00! I instantly knew they were the perfect canvas for a creative paint upgrade. Read on to learn how to paint glass vases to look like ombre terracotta!

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Recently, I published a review on the popular Sherwin Williams paint color, Evergreen Fog. It’s a gorgeous gray-green color that feels like a cool foggy morning by the lake. Lately, interior design trends have really focused on bringing elements of nature indoors. We’ve been seeing more neutrals, warm wood tones, greens, and nature inspired hues.

So, it’s not surprising that terracotta is having a huge moment right now. The warm, reddish-brown hue contrasts perfectly against clean white and green backdrops.

There are a ton of different shades in the terracotta color palette and it’s interesting to see how they’re all being used in home décor. Check out this terracotta tile flooring from Emily Seeds Interiors:

Beautiful, right?

Another popular use of terracotta is in plant pots. We’re all familiar with the abundant and inexpensive terracotta pot that’s typically available in one standard shape. I have a few of those lying around but I wanted to create something a little more decorative and unique.

To gain some inspiration, I began researching ideas for decorating glass vases. I looked at how to paint vases to look like terracotta, how to use acrylic paints on glass, and techniques to achieve a painted ombre effect. Once I decided on a style and how to best achieve it, I got crafty with some acrylic paint and my new set of $3 glass bud vases!

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To create the ombre terracotta look on your glass vase, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glass bud vases (or whichever kind of vase you prefer!)
  • All-purpose white spray primer
  • 2-3 shades of terracotta colored acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • A small paint tray or several disposable cups for paint mixing
  • 1 small sponge, cut into 4-6 pieces depending on how many colors of paint you have
  • A small brush
  • 1 cup of water and a paper towel

Here’s how to paint your vases:

Step 1: Make sure the vases are clean of any dust and give them a light coating of primer. Do this in a well-ventilated area and spray the primer in a sweeping motion from 12-15 inches away. Don’t worry about getting the bottom of the vase. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Primer for painting glass vases
Zinsser All-purpose Primer

Step 2: Gather all of your materials in a paint ready-space.

Step 3: Decide on the number of terracotta paint shades you would like to blend onto your vase. I recommend creating 5 or 6 shades so you can achieve a gradual yet noticeable ombre effect. Use your terracotta and white paints to mix hues and achieve the gradual progression from dark to light. Check out the colors I used below:

Mixing paint colors for terracotta painted glass
Acrylic Paint for Glass Vases
Terracotta Paint Colors

*One of the tricks to getting a gradual ombre effect is to keep the paint shades fairly close in color.

Step 4: Use your darkest paint color to paint a stripe around the bottom of your vase(s). Do this for all of the vases you plan on using this color for. Apply a thick layer of paint so you’ll have enough for blending when the time comes. Determine how thick this stripe should be based on the height of your vase and the number of paint colors you plan to use.

Painting Terracotta Ombre
Darkest Terracotta Ombre Color

Step 5: Rinse your brush and apply a stripe of the second darkest color right above the previous stripe. It should be roughly the same thickness as the first stripe and bump right up to the first stripes edge. Once you’ve done this for each vase, place your brush in the water cup.

Applying the second paint color on glass vase
Second Darkest Terracotta Color

Step 6: Next, grab one of your sponges and begin stippling and blending the seam of the two colors together. Blot until all of the white primer is covered and all lines are gone. This is the most important step to ensure an even and gradual transition between the two colors.

Don’t worry about the tiny air bubbles that develop during this step. They’ll melt away in a few minutes. Complete this step on all of your vases.

Blending paint colors on vase
Blending Terracotta Paint Colors

Step 7: Rinse your brush thoroughly and apply your next lightest terracotta paint color. Remember to apply a fairly thick coat of paint to make blending easier. Do this on all vases.

Step 8: Grab a different sponge (or another side of the same sponge) and stipple the seam of these two new colors. Don’t be afraid of over-blending. That’s almost impossible to do here.

Step 9: Continue to paint new color stripes and blend until you’ve reached the top! Don’t worry if some stripes of color are thicker than others, it won’t be too noticeable.

Step 10: Look over your painted vase and check for any spots that may need more blending. Then, wait a few hours for them to dry!

Painted glass vases
Ombre Terracotta Painted Glass Vases

If you prefer a shiny painted vase, you can add a spray coat of polyurethane or clear enamel. I prefer the matte look and left mine bare.

Quick tip: Don’t get rid of your paint and sponges until your vases are dry and you’re happy with the result! You may want to blend out some harsh lines that develop as it dries.

There you have it! Now you know how to paint glass vases to look like ombre terracotta! I hope they make the perfect addition to your home decor. If you’re loving the nature inspired trend, check out these cute home decor elements from Amazon:

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P.S. For a more in-depth look at how I created these ombre terracotta painted vases, I’ve posted a complete YouTube video tutorial here!

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