How To Hydro Dip Pumpkins For Fall

If you’re looking for a cute craft to amp up your fall decor, check out these marbled hydro dip pumpkins! They’re made from inexpensive dollar-store foam pumpkins and spray paint to create a custom marbled design that rivals what you can find in home decor stores — and they cost much less too.

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I got the inspiration for this idea after watching a video of people dipping helmets and other items into buckets of water topped with spray paint. The result was a really cool swirly marbled design that was inexpensive, fairly mess-free, and totally customizable. I had to try it.

I wanted a couple small pumpkins for my dining table and decided to take a trip to the dollar store for some cheap pumpkins to have fun with. These foam pumpkins were the perfect size.

Foam pumpkins are great hydro dip pumpkins

Whether you’re hydro dipping foam, plastic, or real pumpkins, the first thing you want to do is prime them. This will not only ensure your paint sticks to the pumpkin, but it will also give you a neutral background. You could use black primer to create a cool dark design but I opted for white this time.

Prime pumpkins before you hydro dip.

Give the primer a good hour or two to dry and then begin setting up your hydro dip station. You can use any bucket or tub — just make sure that it’s deep enough for the pumpkin to be completely submerged. I used a 5-gallon bucket.

Prepare for your hydro dip by filling a bucket with water.

Fill the bucket with water, leaving 3 or 4 inches of space at the top. Then, grab the spray paint colors you’d like to use and get everything set up next to the bucket. I went with white and gold because I wanted a clean, minimalist look with a touch of glam.

You'll need spray paint for hydro dip pumpkins.

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Now, to create your hydro dip pumpkins, choose your first color and spray the center of the water for 3 — 5 seconds. Then, grab another color and spray in the middle of the first color for a few seconds. Continue alternating colors until the water is covered with paint and the ratio of colors is to your liking. It’s best to do this as quickly as possible so that the top of the paint doesn’t begin to dry.

Spray paint into the bucket for the marbled hydro dip effect.

Next, grab your pumpkin by the stem and slowly submerge it in the water. The paint will stick to the pumpkin on its way down to create the marble effect. Pull your pumpkin back up out of the water and look it over. If there were any spots that were missed, you can re-dip that one side into some paint. Just be careful to avoid too much overlap.

Dip your pumpkin into the water to create the marbled look.

Let the pumpkins dry completely and then spray them with two coats of clear enamel to protect your artwork. I used a glossy finish on mine but you could certainly use a matte or satin finish if desired.

Slowly pull your hydro dip pumpkin out of the water.

When you’re ready, here’s what you’ll need to make your hydro dip pumpkins

  • Any kind of pumpkin(s) — you can do this with real, plastic, or foam pumpkins
  • A bucket or bin
  • Spray primer
  • Spray paint — (I suggest 2 to 4)
  • Clear enamel spray sealant

How To Make Your Hydro Dip Pumpkins

  1. Begin by applying a coat of primer to your pumpkins.
  1. Fill your bucket with water, leaving roughly 4 or 5 inches from the top
  1. Get all of your supplies ready. It’s a good idea to have a piece of scrap cardboard or newspaper handy to place your pumpkins after dipping.
  1. Begin spraying the spray paint into the center of the water. Alternate the colors until all of the water is covered with paint and you have a cool spiral design.
  1. Slowly dip your first pumpkin into the water until completely submerged and pull it back out. Re-dip some sections if needed.
  1. If you plan to hydro dip more than one pumpkin, repeat steps 3 and 4 (adding new paint to the water each time) until all of your pumpkins are coated.
  1. Allow the pumpkins to dry completely
  1. Spray 1 or 2 coats of clear enamel to preserve (more if you’ll be using it outdoors).
Finished pumpkin table centerpiece

And that’s it! Feel free to experiment with different colors to match your own decor! The hydro dipping method can be used on almost anything — vases, frames, ornaments, you name it. So have fun and let me know how it turns out!

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