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I purchased this old wooden keepsake box for $3 at a yard sale. I love finding little boxes like this because they can be used for so many different things (tea box, cigar storage, jewelry box, photo box, etc.) and I knew there was a way for me to make this one look awesome. Scroll on to see this DIY keepsake box makeover.

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Gathering the supplies for this DIY Keepsake Box:

First, I searched through my stash of paint samples to see if there was one I could use for the exterior of the box. Luckily, I found a gorgeous blue/gray color called Oceanic Climate by Behr. It has a very French country vibe to it and I knew it would be perfect.

Next, I knew I wanted to add some décor or embellishment to the top of the box. I remembered that I had these cute bronze keys that I had found just a few weeks prior that would be the perfect size. I’ve also seen similar ones at Hobby Lobby for just a few bucks.

Key embellishment for diy keepsake box makeover

The Transformation:

When it was time to begin, I removed all of the hardware and ripped out the black velvet inner lining.

Pulling out the old lining of keepsake box

Then, I gave the box and the key embellishment a good sanding with 100 grit sandpaper and applied two coats of white primer.

Adding primer to the box

Before painting, I used some E6000 (one of my most favorite glues EVER) to stick the key to the top of the box lid, and let it dry overnight.

Gluing the decorative key to the box

Next, I painted the whole thing with two coats of Oceanic Climate, sanding with 400 grit sandpaper in between coats.

Painting DIY Keepsake Box with Behr paint

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When the paint was completely dry, I gave it two coats of Rustoleum Matte Clear Enamel. It was super easy to just spray on and let dry for a few minutes in between coats.

The last step was to replace the inner lining with some pretty fabric I found at a local craft store.

Re-lining the inside of the box

This was definitely the hardest part. I carefully measured and cut fabric pieces to fit both the bottom and top of the box, with wings for the sides. Then, I glued the fabric in place with some matte Mod Podge.

Note: I learned the hard way that it’s very important to only apply a thin layer of glue to the box before sticking your fabric to it. I had a few spots where the glue soaked through and darkened the fabric.

Lastly, I cleaned and spray painted the hardware white and, once dry, put everything back together.

What do you think?!

Finished DIY Keepsake Box
DIY Keepsake box

I just love the stately yet simple key on top and the stunning contrast between the blue box and the white hardware.

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