I don’t typically like St. Patrick’s Day decor. It’s not because I don’t appreciate the Irish culture or the meaning behind the holiday. It’s because, while other holidays have a variety of ways to decorate for them, St. Patrick’s Day decorations seem so… loud.

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When you decorate for Christmas, there are a million styles of decor to choose from: traditional, minimal, vintage, colorful, glam, themed, etc. However, St. Patrick’s Day typically revolves around a few things: shamrocks, rainbows, and everything green or gold. It’s a difficult holiday for those who prefer a more understated and refined look.

This year, I was determined to find a solution. I embarked on a mission to find some more subtle St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

Before we get started, why do we even celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

According to Wikipedia, the day commemorates the missionary known as Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It also celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general.

However, did you know this wasn’t always a happy-cheery celebration in Ireland? According to History.com, St. Patrick’s day began as a day of solemnity to commemorate the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick.

In fact, it was actually the color blue that had been associated with St. Patrick prior to the 1798 Irish Rebellion. It wasn’t until the first St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the United States that green became the official holiday color.

Now that you’ve learned the history of the holiday, here are 8 simple St. Patrick’s Day decorations you’ll love:

1. DIY Pom Pom Garland.

Pom pom garland St. Patrick's Day Decorations

This decoration is super easy to make and costs less than $5! I made one this year and it’s the perfect mix of rustic and minimalist styles. It’s also something you can make while binge watching TV so that’s a plus in my book.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2-3 shades of green yarn. Think sage green, pastel green, forest green, moss green etc. (yarn thickness should be #4 or thinner)
  • A muted shade of green embroidery thread
  • 1 Fork
  • Scissors

How to make it (video at the bottom):

  • Hold one end of the yarn horizontally across the fork and wrap it around 45 times.
  • Cut off the excess.
  • Take an 8 inch piece of the same color yarn and insert it through the bottom middle gap of the fork (under the wrapped yarn).
  • Pull it through about halfway and bring it up and through the top middle gap of the fork (above the wrapped yarn).
  • Take the other end of that yarn and bring it up in front and back through the top middle gap of the fork above the wrapped yarn. Then, pull it through the bottom middle gap in the front. Your basically just looping around your wrapped yarn.
  • Then, pull the two ends tight, creating a cinch in the middle of the wrapped yarn.
  • Triple knot to tie securely.
  • Slide the entire thing off of the fork and cut all of the loops.
  • Shape and trim any long pieces.

You’ve made a pom pom! Make as many of these as you’d like and then string them onto the embroidery thread with a needle. Don’t worry if a few pieces of yarn come out while you’re threading – it won’t affect the look of the pom pom.  

2. Green Vase Filler

Take any big glass vase and fill it with these cute green rattan balls or soft green glass pebbles. The lighter shades of green in these fillers calm things down a bit and I love the natural materials.

3. Yummy Treats

While the goal of many desserts is to deliver a sugar-induced rush of joy when eaten, they’re also just really nice to look at! Check out these drool-worthy mint chocolate brownies by Stephanie over at SpaceshipsandLaserbeams.com:

Desserts as St. Patrick's Day Decorations

Place a batch of these babies on a pretty cake stand and call it a day!

4. Faux Four Leaf Clovers

Finding a four leaf clover means good luck, right? Place these adorable faux four leaf clover plants anywhere in your home for some subtle St. Patrick’s Day decor.

5. Green Candles

These next St. Patrick’s Day decorations serve double-duty because they can be used well after the holiday is over! Adding pops of green with everyday items, such as candles, gives a subtle nod to the holiday. This Chesapeake Bay candle smells AMAZING and these taper candles would look fab with a floral centerpiece.

6. A Green Wreath

There are a million St. Patrick’s Day wreaths that involve glittery shamrocks, rainbows, and leprechauns. However, if you’re looking for subtle St. Patrick’s Day decorations, one of these minimal green wreaths might do the trick! A bright green boxwood wreath or a beautiful eucalyptus wreath are also great spring wreaths. Need a little more color? Consider adding a gold bow!

7. Throw Pillows

These throw pillow covers are super cute St. Patrick’s Day decorations that won’t be an eye sore in your living room or guest room. Find both this “lucky” pillow and this embroidered shamrock pillow on Amazon.

8. Table runners

Last but not least, table runners are great because they can be dressed up or toned down to match your decor style. This braid-accent farmhouse green table runner is super versatile and this sage green console runner paired with a simple white floral arrangement would be stunning.

There you have it! 8 classy St. Patrick’s Day decorations you’ll actually like. Use a few of these in your home to create a festive yet subtle St. Patrick’s Day vibe. The only thing missing is some Guinness and Irish Whiskey. Have fun!

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