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I think it’s safe to assume we all love plants. There’s just something about bringing home a new plant that invokes a feeling of excitement, hopefulness, and joy. We care for it, water it, feed it, and hope it will grow and thrive in its new location. One of the best parts is choosing the perfect vessel for it to live in. The possibilities are endless! Sometimes, it’s the most unique and unexpected vessels that make the most amazing homes for our plants. It’s the perfect way to get creative. That’s why, I’ve rounded up a list of 30 cute DIY planters you can make from upcycled items.

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1. Coffee Can Planter

DIY Coffee Can Planter from Creative Ramblings
Coffee Can Planter from Creative Ramblings

This adorable coffee can planter is the perfect item to kick off our list! The pretty pattern and cute little legs give this planter a designer look.

2. Toy Truck Planter

DIY Toy Truck Planter from Pinterest
Toy Truck Planter from Pinterest

Give a new life to an old toy by planting flowers or greenery in a toy truck! This DIY planter is perfect for both indoors and out.  

3. Vintage Strainer Planters

DIY Colander Planter from Kalyn Brooke
Colander Planter by Kalyn Brooke

Drainage holes, check. Handles, check. Cute colors, check. It’s like these strainers were made to be repurposed. Check out this adorable one from Kalyn Brooke.

4. Tree Stump Planters

DIY Stump Planter from Pinterest
Stump Planter from Pinterest

If you find yourself with a tree stump but don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of a stump grinder, carve out the middle and turn it into a cute rustic vessel for your favorite flowers. This one houses some fresh greenery for a minimalist look.

5. Cinder Blocks

Cinder Block Planter
Cinder Block Planters from Little Miss Momma

One of the more unique ideas on this list, these cinder block planters from Little Miss Momma add a modern and semi-industrial flair.

6. Wheelbarrow Planter

Wheelbarrow Planter Idea
Photo by Foto Phanatic on Unsplash

You can’t make a list of DIY planters without including a rustic wheelbarrow planter. It’s one of the most common DIY planter ideas and has become a quintessential element in whimsical, cottage-chic, gardens.

7. Mixing Bowl Planter

Mixing Bowl Planter Idea
Mixing Bowl Planter from The Creek Line House

Last year, one of my mixing bowls got a random little hole in it. I don’t know how it happened but it immediately rendered the bowl useless for its original use. I WISH I would have known about this DIY planter idea from The Creek Line House.

8. Chair Planter

Chair Planter Idea
Chair Planter from Painted Therapy

When a chair has retired from its seating duties, turn it into a cute floral planter! Check out how Debbie from Painted Therapy turned this chair into an adorable front porch accent.  

9. Popcorn Tin Planter

DIY Planter Idea
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Old popcorn tins were practically made to be repurposed into DIY planters. I mean, the size, shape, durability…. It can’t get much better. Check out this tutorial on YouTube to learn how to make a super cute one!

10. An Old Trunk Planter

How to make a trunk planter
Old Trunk Planter from Pinterest

There are very few ways to breathe life into an old trunk but one of the best options is to turn it into a cool planter like this one. Fill it with wildflowers and it becomes the ultimate cottage boho chic accessory.

11. Dresser Drawer Planters

repurposed drawer planter idea
Drawer Planters from Love 2 Create

Speaking of clothing storage vessels, if you’ve got a dresser that just can’t be salvaged, consider using the drawers as adorable shabby-chic planters. Check out these super-cute DIY planters by Mindi from My Love 2 Create!

12. Cooler Planter

Cooler planter idea
Cooler Planter from Sustain My Craft Habit

Coolers are the perfect vessel to use as a planter because they’re large enough to house a number of sprouts and durable enough to last for years. If you don’t love your cooler color, try giving it a quick spritz of paint for a new look.

13. Wagon Planter

How to make a wagon planter
Wagon Planter from Pretty Handy Girl

These planters are one of the most adorable additions to any garden and give a second life to childhood wagons we just can’t bear parting with. Check out how Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl made one out of this red wagon.

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14. Sand Box Planter

repurposed sandbox planter
Sandbox Planter from Creating My Happiness

Sandboxes offer a large size and outdoor durability that can be difficult to find in other repurposed planters! 

15. Wastebasket Planters

how to make a DIY plant pot
Trash Can Planter from The Crazy Craft Lady

This is one of my most favorite planter ideas. Wastebaskets can be found everywhere for super cheap, and can be made to compliment any design style. Conveniently enough, some of them are also a great size for housing small indoor trees! Here’s an inexpensive one from Amazon.

16. Rainboot Planters

Repurposed vase
Rainboot Planter from A Cultivated Nest

I particularly love this idea for spring when an abundance of rain showers bring life to flowers everywhere. Where can you find an old pair of rain boots? You can often find used rainboots at thrift stores for super cheap!

17. Plastic Beverage Bin Planter

DIY planter idea
Beverage Bin Planter from Homemade Heather

This plastic beverage bin planter idea offers a convenient size with the luxury of handles! Paint these bins any color for some quick, repurposed DIY planters.

18. Basket Planter

How to make a basket planter
Basket Planter Photo by Lizzie from Unsplash

Baskets can make beautiful planters and they’re plentiful at thrift stores. By the way, did you know they can also be spray painted? The possibilities are endless….

19. Gutter Planters

Repurposed gutter planters
Gutter Planters from Make It & Love It

These genius gutter planters maximize the use of small spaces by growing vertically.

20. Suitcase Planter

Upcycled Suitcase Planter idea
Suitcase Planter from DIY Everywhere

Give an old suitcase new life in the garden! Check out how this one from DIY Everywhere added a cute chalkboard background to the top for an extra dose of creativity. You can get that cool chalkboard paint here.

21. Mason Jar Planter

DIY Mason Jar planters
Mason Jar Planter from Twelve On Main

As if mason jars didn’t already have enough uses, these DIY planters are super versatile and can be found everywhere!

22. Watering Can Planter

Cute watering can plant pot
Watering Can Planter by Organized Clutter

This is another oldie but goodie: watering can planters add a touch of whimsy to any garden or table.

23. 5-Gallon Bucket Planter

bucket plant pot idea
5-Gallon Bucket Planter from Tag and Tibby

These 5-gallon buckets already have infinite uses around the home, but this DIY planter idea is my favorite. You can pick one up for just a few dollars at Home Depot, Lowes, or Harbor Freight.

24. Pretzel Drum Planter

DIY Plastic Drum Plant Pot
Pretzel Drum Planter from Pinterest

My husband LOVES getting gigantic drums of pretzels for game days and I love repurposing them into different things! One of the best ideas is to turn them into planters like this one.

25. Pitcher Planter

Pitcher plant pot idea
Pitcher Planter from Pinterest

Repurpose an old pitcher as a planter for flowers. This idea is especially perfect for spring blooms.

26. Paint Can Planters

diy paint can planters
Bucket Planter by Centsational Girl

I mean, how stunning is this little planter from Centsational Girl?! You can use a simple paint can to achieve this look and the convenient handle allows them to serve as hanging planters as well!

27. Laundry Basket Planter

Repurposed laundry basket garden planter
Laundry Basket Planter from Elizabeth Joan Designs

Turn a cracked laundry basket into a super-cute planter with a little bit of fabric and a cute bow!

28. Yogurt Container Planters

DIY planters from yogurt containers
Yogurt Container Planters from Vikalpah

We knew those yogurt containers could be repurposed into something! Check out how, with just a little bit of paint, you can create these adorable, self-watering DIY planters.

29. Tea Tin Planters

Upcycled tea tin herb planters
Tea Tin Planters from Melissa Camara Wilkins

These little tea tins are way too cute to throw away. Check out how Melissa Camara Wilkins turned a few of hers into these DIY planters for an adorable herb garden. If you’re interested, Harney & Sons tea tastes amazing and comes in cute tin containers.

30. Pallet Planter

pallet planter
Pallet Planter by Ginger Snap Crafts

An upcycled planter list wouldn’t be complete without a pallet planter. There are SO MANY designs to choose from when working with pallets but I love this simple one from Ginger Snap Crafts.

There you have it! 30 cute DIY planters you can make from upcycled items. If you’ve ever made a planter out of an item not listed here, feel free to mention it in the comments!

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