Whether you’re on a budget or just want to tap into your creative side, a handmade gift is a great way to make someone feel special. It also provides something unique for the person who seems to have everything! I LOVE making handmade gifts and I’ve spent years searching the web for new, unique ideas. Some DIY gift ideas are just ridiculous while others are way too advanced or time consuming. I also usually try to steer clear of the typical coffee mug and tea towel in hopes of finding something more original. So this year, I’ve weeded through the plethora of good, bad, and ugly DIY gifts and put together a list of 25 DIY gifts they’ll actually love.    

  1. The first on this list goes to DIY aromatherapy shower steamers. It may be easy to find bath bombs at the store but shower tabs are a little different because they provide intense aromatherapy and have a longer lasting effect. They’re also a great gift for both men and women which is a huge win in my book. This particular recipe, from Soap Deli News, is especially awesome because it doesn’t use citric acid like many other recipes do. It uses ingredients you probably already have on hand, and if you don’t have the dried rose petals she suggests, you can always throw in some glitter! Check out these DIY Shower Steamers here.
DIY Shower Tab Handmade Gift
DIY Shower Steamers – SoapDeliNews.com
  1. The next spot on this list is reserved for Apple Pie Moonshine. No explanation is needed for this one. This Apple Pie Moonshine from It’s A Keeper combines the flavors of Grandma’s homemade apple pie with the jazz of grain alcohol for a warm and sweet libation. Get the recipe here.
Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine
It’s A Keeper – Apple Pie Moonshine
  1. The 3rd of 25 DIY gifts they’ll actually love is from my very own DIY fringe earrings tutorial. These fringe earrings are adorable, if I do say so myself. They can be customized to fit any style and cost less than a fancy coffee. Check them out here.
How to make fringe earrings
How to Make DIY Fringe Earrings – Inspired DIY Living
  1. Another great DIY gift idea is this Lavender Rice Warm Neck Wrap from Crafting In The Rain. It’s really a great gift for anyone. Who wouldn’t love a warm smelly-good wrap to help melt stress away at the end of the day? Find the tutorial here.
DIY Lavender Neck Wrap
Crafting In The Rain – Lavender Rice Warm Neck Wrap
  1. I couldn’t create this list without including one of my favorite DIY gifts for those who love to host. These DIY Gold Leaf Charger Plates are surprisingly easy to make and can be customized to match anyone’s style. Check out the tutorial here.
DIY Charger Plates
DIY Gold Leaf Chargers from Inspired DIY Living
  1. For the old-school paper book lover on your list, surprise them with a super cool bookmark! These ones from Everything Etsy are absolutely adorable! Find the tutorial here.
DIY bookmark gift
DIY Bookmarks from Everything Etsy
  1. #Drooling….. Chocolate. Dipped. Pretzels.…. You can make them with any kind of chocolate and goodies you like so they can be customized to anyone’s liking. I also love the festive decor on these ones from The Wicked Noodle. Click here for the tutorial.
Chocolate dipped pretzel gift
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels from The Wicked Noodle
  1. These Vintage Bleached T-shirts from Living Well Spending Less are really cool. They are a super easy and inexpensive gift to make and the possibilities are endless! – Check out the tutorial here.
DIY T-shirt Gifts
Living Well Spending Less – Vintage Bleached T-Shirts
  1. For the foodie in your life, check out this DIY Charcuterie Board Gift Set. The tutorial is loaded with ideas on what to include and what to consider when putting it all together. An awesome gift for the one who has everything! Find it here.
DIY Charcuterie Board Gift Idea
Charcuterie Board Gift Set – Inspired DIY Living
  1. The next idea on this DIY gift list is perfect for the 007 in your life. Give them a discreet way to hide things in plain view with this DIY Stash Book from Pop Sugar. Have any parents of young kids on your gift list? Give them a cool way to hide their candy stash from little hands. View the tutorial here.
DIY stash book gift idea
Pop Sugar – DIY Stash Book
  1. Recipe Boxes are definitely still a thing but I’m not talking about the ones your grandmother used to have. This DIY recipe card box from Sweet Tea and Saving Grace is totally adorable and might just earn you a batch of yummy treats! Check it out here.
DIY recipe box gift idea
DIY Recipe Card Box – Sweet Tea and Saving Grace
  1. Song quote wall art. You guys. This tutorial from A Beautiful Mess is so cool and creates a totally unique and beautiful piece of art. Brb while I go make 15 of these things… Get the step-by-step instructions here.
Song quote wall art gift idea
A Beautiful Mess – Song Quote Wall Art
  1. This easy DIY fleece scarf from The Decorated Cookie is the cutest no sew scarf on the interwebs… Think of all the different patterns you could use! Check it out here.
DIY fleece scarf gift idea
The Decorated Cookie – No-Sew Fleece Scarf
  1. My husband LOVES pepper relish. It’s literally his favorite sandwich condiment. If you’re looking for a unique and tasty gift for someone who likes a little heat, this is it. The great thing about this recipe from Chili Pepper Madness is that you can adjust the heat level to your liking. Quick tip: Make sure to use the canning method so it can be left out at room temperature prior to opening. Get the recipe here.
DIY pepper relish gift idea
Hot Pepper Relish from Chili Pepper Madness
  1. Pepper Jelly is a sweeter DIY gift for those who prefer a little less kick. It’s usually less spicy than pepper relish and the sweetness makes it super versatile. I love to include it on Charcuterie Boards because it goes great on cheese and crackers. Check out the recipe from A Fork’s Tale here.
diy gift idea
Pepper Jelly – A Fork’s Tale
  1. This Movie Night Gift Basket from Sugar Salt Grace is a great gift for anyone. Throw in a Netflix or Disney+ gift card, popcorn, and candy and you’ve got yourself an easy DIY gift anyone would love! Check out the tutorial here.
Movie night gift basket gift idea
Movie Night Gift Basket – Sugar Salt Grace
  1. Making DIY Sheet and Pillow Mist is incredibly easy and can be customized to include your recipients favorite scents. This recipe from Loving Essential Oils is a great way to give the gift of better sleep. Who doesn’t need that?! Check out the tutorial here.
DIY pillow spray gift
DIY Lavender Pillow Spray – Loving Essential Oils
  1. For the eco-conscious human in your life, these Unpaper Towels from A Beautiful Mess are super cool. Tap into your green side here.
ecofriendly diy gift idea
Unpaper Towels – A Beautiful Mess
  1. You guys. These DIY cord tacos from Local Adventurer are just about the cutest thing to ever happen to your accessory collection. Useful? Check. Unique? Check. Resemblance to a favorite food item? Check. This DIY gift is sure to earn a giggle or two. Find the step-by-step tutorial here.
handmade gift idea for taco lovers
DIY Cord Tacos from Local Adventurer
  1. Anthropologie is one of my most favorite stores, but I have a really hard time justifying the prices. What’s a girl to do? These Anthropologie Knock-Off Agate Coasters from Totally The Bomb are the perfect solution and make a great gift for those who have a champagne taste and a beer budget. Check out the easy tutorial here.
DIY coaster gift
Anthropologie Knock-Off Agate Coasters – Totally The Bomb
  1. The next handmade gift idea on this list are cute DIY Thread Wrapped Bracelets from Why Don’t You Make Me? I love this tutorial because it takes the thread wrapped bracelet idea to another level by adding metal endcaps and jump beads. Find the tutorial here.
DIY bracelet gift idea
DIY Thread Wrapped Bracelets – Why Don’t You Make Me?
  1. If thread bracelets aren’t your thing, consider making one of these DIY faux metal geometric necklaces! This tutorial from Vikalpah features a creative way to make unique and modern jewelry for anyone on your gift list. See how she does it here.
DIY geometric necklace gift
DIY Faux Metal Geometric Necklace by Vikalpah
  1. The next DIY gift on our list is this Hanging Photo’s Wall Art from Collective Gen. I love the use of mixed materials and the flexibility to use whichever colors you’d like. Check out the tutorial here.
photo gift idea
Hanging Photo’s Wall Art from Collective Gen
  1. Everyone knows a coffee lover, right? Give them another way to fuel their addiction with this Easy DIY Coffee Soap from Life-N-Reflection. This particular recipe is great because it uses a shea butter soap base which is much easier than working with active lye. Not only does it smell glorious but coffee is also known to be packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which are great for aging skin. Find the step-by-step instructions here.
handmade Soap gift idea
Life-N-Reflection Easy Coffee Soap Recipe
  1. The final gift idea in our list is this homemade vanilla extract. Pure vanilla extract ALWAYS tastes better than imitation vanilla extract and, when delivered in super cute packaging, it’s a fantastic gift for those who love to bake. Check out the tutorial from Natasha’s Kitchen, here.
homemade vanilla extract
Vanilla Extract Recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen

You did it! You’ve made it to the end! I hope you’ve gotten some great ideas for unique, handmade gifts that your recipients will actually enjoy. Why not make a few of these for yourself as well? Please keep the content flowing by sharing/pinning this post for others to enjoy!

25 DIY Gifts They'll Actually Love